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Spirit Animals #2: Owl

April 28, 2010

Each of these poems stemmed from research and knowledge and creative imagery meditations, and each one will have artwork to accompany it. Different types of the same animal have special significances, and interestingly enough, the first two animals I’ve posted are going to be the white buffalo and the snowy owl. I hope reading will create positive decision-making and intuition for you this week.


under ominous branches fumbling blind
stumbling for a shrouded path I could not find
until fireworks ignited at the flapping of wings
piercing intricate shapes through the veil of unknowing
feathers reflect the sacred path owl foresees
unraveling woodland labyrinth mysteries
wide awake I glide as intuition takes flight
owl lends me her vision as we flash through the night
a match is struck and conviction ignites

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  1. burtnay67 permalink
    April 28, 2010 7:20 pm

    I’m gonna be honest, i don’t know too much about poetry, but reading this one, i definitely enjoyed it, i feel almost as if it’s about going through life, being motivated, and finding out new ideas along the way, almost searching for the right something (idea or self) till it is found. It’s interesting, even if my whole concept of it is a little off.

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