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Green Soceity/Free Market

May 12, 2010

This is the second installment from the same series of poems as cookie cutter girl. I hope this one gives some creative optimism to some of my readers in these trying times. When I wrote this it came flowing out of me; I think writing was really a necessary release of the dark parts of myself. Please google great pacific garbage patch when you have a moment. Later this evening I will post the hawk poem as promised, so please please please check back today or tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday, and thank you for supporting me. Next week this site shall be properly self-promoted and will get its rightful grand opening so to speak.
Green $ociety/Free Market

nine to five soul-lessness and eleven percent unemployment and cheerios for breakfast lunch and dinner and fourteen hour days at two peon jobs to afford scraps and a b.a. degree no longer means you’re allowed to perform the work you learned to do and post-degree suicide attempts and hundred dollar per hour therapy sessions and if you can not afford them you just stay neurotic and if you can afford them the answer is always drugs and they even have a drug to buy to help you conquer your drug addiction and if I should have started smuggling blow and twelve-percent post consumer fiber coffee cups and there’s a disclaimer making a big deal about how green that is and it saves starbucks two and a half cents per unit and there’s a three million ton trash island in our ocean and it killed one million sea birds and one hundred thousand marine mammals last year and the whole world revolves around filthy fucking money.

a gift society a slave free community economy of unity all roots of the bodhi tree beauty is simplicity is independence is equality without fuck-all fatcats corporate greed nor poverty everyone a unit of indigo energy radiating the eternal we artists convert dusty brick to visiorelic vivid dynamic philosophers paid to contemplate and scientists to calculate particles accelerate adventurers brave Gran Chaco arbor maze infiltrate and investigate power isn’t quantified business isn’t done with guns and polarized and mankind’s professions are grounded in morality and profit is a personal measure of dignity havens cover every head even demons dealt their daily bread monday morning as friday night awake until three am on top shelf and firelight call in sick tomorrow its alright so strange it’s deemed wrong but what’s right feels right.

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