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Pursuit- For Deepak Chopra

May 25, 2010

Deepak Chopra was on television this week speaking about shadow work, and he inspired this poem. Our shadows are not completely bad or useless, they are a part of us that can be harnessed and used in a healthy or unhealthy way. This is a poem about the addiction and obsession in the positive sense.


if you are going to chase a vision then pursue it with intensity, and if you are going to raise an army then organize with immensity, if you want to burn a bridge then throw hellfire burn it to the ground,  and if you want to make a statement then stop listening to the crowd, if you want to take a single step, then dance until you are utterly dead,  and if you want to break free then never go where you are led, if you want to savor something then you should intake it in excess, and if you want to save the world you’d better keep fighting striving for progress, all the goals you crave must be savored with passion, and tear the city limb from limb if that is what it takes to get a reaction, if you want to write a poem then let every word resound and if you want to lift your spirits then obliterate existence of the ground.

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