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Another Love Poem: Boundless Bloom

July 13, 2010

I really believe writers will always need to write love poems. ❤ Robyn

Boundless Bloom

She is love, she is love over and over. She is a beautiful anomaly expressed ten thousand fold ten thousand ways in ten thousand things and two years is only a part of her unveiling; she will magnetize the world with love and sail over the infinite landscape of every beautiful thing. She is an avant-garde adventurer chiseling through cement toward the seed of the soul and when she reaches it she will find herself mirrored back at herself, mirrored back our hearts before we have hearts in our chest, mirrored back a ray of timeless love as godhead, mirrored back a billion points of worldview deciphered by a well-trained third eye spirit blooming from spirit all around her, regenerative. my woman is a utopian dream and universal principle, beauty must organize itself around her, around her a pale city glows as a passionate macrocosm, around her bleakness becomes utterly incompatible. She is the softness of my satin. skin and the pounding of my pulse they are engraved so deep in me, engraved so deep this indention of a life into a life, engraved so deep that they are not truly themselves without both halves. She is the capstone component on an altar of bliss the essence of a moonlit kiss the intimizing cooling of november mist, the intimizing cooling of particles brought fatefully together into something like a song booming out solid and strong fated to vibrate as one. My lover is a grandiose love conspiracy revealed solely soulfully to those who truly see her, you can watch her sway in so many flawless ways always animated, she basks as two palm trees drifting along through quickly passing summer days, so many flawless ways you can trace her somewhere within the novelty of shamelessly used cliches, so many flawless ways you can find her guiding you like a sixth sense to the exit of a massive maze, you can still yourself and feel her following you into calm caressing cool or you can follow her flame steps leading you through a hot lush dripping pool, the best parts of both. She is a strange familiarity a childlike sense of deja vu a sagelike intuition wise and true, a strange familiarity that I never knew until the first second I saw her look me at me with those deep, detonating eyes, the love of my life, I had hoped she existed for all my life, an edgeless sense of bliss that will never never never die. Love multiplied over and over and over more boundless than the sky, she is.

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