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A shadow work metapoem

August 12, 2010


wise men in a trance state meditate in the dark,
stay awake past midnight to project obscurity from inside themselves,
gazing into the midnight abyss to discern,
a deceptive dualistic perspective of definitions,
time and space are all we move through,
matter and energy are all that make up our world,
right and wrong, illlumination and shadow,
and you tell yourself you are the most radiant of the radiant,
but true brilliance spawns from nightvision,
from addressing the disfigurements daytime mirrors deny,
those staring into the black stealth of aversion dare to burst,
as the brightest stars of all,
your demons creep in the night, like mine, but they can be defeated,
if only you would look them in the eye.

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  1. Chris permalink
    August 26, 2010 12:35 pm

    Great poem. I think many of us are to afraid to look our demons in the eye. I may fall in that catagory, but this poem makes me think that maybe I should look and not be afraid.

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