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Peaceful Easy Feelings

August 27, 2010

proposition 19 the remedy the remedy peace justice and unity for you and me show them this canna-culture is much more than a seed it is the sage key legalize the remedy the remedy the mystic green weed to keep you happy healthy and free-thinking mind body and spirit let them breathe as one entity like a pink floyd pyramid of prismatic energy the remedy the remedy i’ve got peaceful easy feelings and I know that they won’t let me down i’ve got the remedy the remedy ecstatic endorphin release in excess fractalized good vibes beamed through my third eye from infinity the remedy the remedy the wise green sage heals so much sickness reject that reefer madness snakespeak nonsense herbs are for healing rastamen  been telling us for centuries legalize it the remedy the remedy for lethal black growths that have choked off so many millions now victory is spelled t h c the remedy the remedy  for knots in the back manifested from chronic stress treat yourself to a breath of green relief the remedy the remedy caresses you into deep satisfying sleep let you be lighter than air float high like a haze toward serenity the remedy the remedy for stifled creativity let artistry bloom from the decay of mediocrity let freedom ring let freedom ring free your minds free your bodies and legalize the mystic green weed remedy.

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