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Spirit Animals #10: Snake

January 26, 2011


Serpent eyes sucking life from assumed consistency,
healing through pain and dissolved fallacy,
threads of primal nature raised up in kundalini,
fangs slashing into flesh pinpoint precisely,
potion pulsing through stiff veins , a test of strength,
a spiral implodes before reforming reincarnate
prey must shed the skin of stable lifeblood,
heart now beats with the current of the flood,
from bloom to soil to seed to another bud.


Spirit Animals #9: Rabbit

January 26, 2011


zigzagging in subtle gusts through meadows at midnight,
The wide moon framed as a haunting white backlight
illuminates perilous nightmare suspicions
fear catalyzes an incessant safeguard position,
Rabbit ears reconnoitering excitably,
foraging sly for a hiding family,
Behind a scout’s shield it is safe to scurry,
In timely bursts and flickering flurries,
frailty survives by the wisdom of worry.

Spirit Animal #8: Dolphin

October 21, 2010


gliding along through the dolphin’s map/path of echoes,
layers of feedback pointing like a trail of arrows,
keen to the manifold depths of clairaudience,
from surface waves crashing to deep sea ambience,
dance of the astral backbeats of music,
breathing the rhythm of aqueous acoustics,
prophets of the secret atlantis sun,
attuned to the threading of psychic coils spun,
like a helix of invisible tones of vibration.

Spirit Animals #7: Peacock

October 6, 2010


extravagant presence pouring out from a watchful base,
cognizant penetration into prism depths to trace,
divine multivision of every soft seen intricacy,
one hundred eyes analyzing a pinpoint of quality,
true beauty will parade in every eye of the beholder,
and visions overlooked shall be  uncovered,
a colorful crest of plumage to disarm reservations,
if you shine gold under the gaze of the eye of the sun,
peacock will kindle the undying sprectrum of creation.

Peaceful Easy Feelings

August 27, 2010

proposition 19 the remedy the remedy peace justice and unity for you and me show them this canna-culture is much more than a seed it is the sage key legalize the remedy the remedy the mystic green weed to keep you happy healthy and free-thinking mind body and spirit let them breathe as one entity like a pink floyd pyramid of prismatic energy the remedy the remedy i’ve got peaceful easy feelings and I know that they won’t let me down i’ve got the remedy the remedy ecstatic endorphin release in excess fractalized good vibes beamed through my third eye from infinity the remedy the remedy the wise green sage heals so much sickness reject that reefer madness snakespeak nonsense herbs are for healing rastamen  been telling us for centuries legalize it the remedy the remedy for lethal black growths that have choked off so many millions now victory is spelled t h c the remedy the remedy  for knots in the back manifested from chronic stress treat yourself to a breath of green relief the remedy the remedy caresses you into deep satisfying sleep let you be lighter than air float high like a haze toward serenity the remedy the remedy for stifled creativity let artistry bloom from the decay of mediocrity let freedom ring let freedom ring free your minds free your bodies and legalize the mystic green weed remedy.

Thanks to Robyn Kralik!

August 12, 2010

Thanks to Robyn for my really awesome starfish header image!

A shadow work metapoem

August 12, 2010


wise men in a trance state meditate in the dark,
stay awake past midnight to project obscurity from inside themselves,
gazing into the midnight abyss to discern,
a deceptive dualistic perspective of definitions,
time and space are all we move through,
matter and energy are all that make up our world,
right and wrong, illlumination and shadow,
and you tell yourself you are the most radiant of the radiant,
but true brilliance spawns from nightvision,
from addressing the disfigurements daytime mirrors deny,
those staring into the black stealth of aversion dare to burst,
as the brightest stars of all,
your demons creep in the night, like mine, but they can be defeated,
if only you would look them in the eye.